Iron Infussion

Tomorrow I begin my FIRST of many Iron Infusions. These magical treatments are supposed to cure an insane amount of physical and (imagine this) emotional problems which have plagued me for decades.

I am, oddly enough, the only person who is skeptical of this secret potion. Then again. I have tried everything else in the pharmacy, so let’s give this a whirl! I am off of 75% of the medicines and my moods are a roller coaster. A nightmare to be around, as I am often reminded. Each task done for me is countered by ten still left for me.

All actions done on my behalf must be praised. Those that I do – expected. Oh, I hate the sound of my own voice! The complaining is intolerable!!! Make it stop.

Make me fall down s rabbit hole, climb up and find that the world is different. That I’m worthy of love.


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