It’s Never Good When…

1. You hide.
2. You get no help but listen as he speaks openly on the telephone.
3. regarding all of the “work you’re both doing”.
4. You hope he falls asleep so that you can.
5. You’ve been medicated for pain and still it will not subside.

The dream day is a dog walk, hot shower, long nap, read for a while, another walk, cross off a few things on your “to do list” and then call it a day.

Perhaps I’ve become too simple. All that I crave I quiet organization, long hot showers and just once: to wake up without a throbbing headache.

At the end, tears in her eyes, Dorothy clicks her heels together like a fool while Glenda laughs her ass off. She knew the whole time and let the stupid girl from Kansas suffer. That’s what you get from the girl with the prettiest pink dress; she’s the bitch.


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