Thanksgiving 2014

Dear Dad,

The years are not making it any simpler. I’ve become angry, bitter and the sun cuts through me like a dull knife. I miss you more and more as each year passes; growing more resentful of those around me who I just though hoops for and beg for applause. None of their recognition could ever equal yours.

I am alone and pained, nobody wants to hear of my plight any longer. The story has passed its point of interest, so I keep it to myself. I’ve been known to lash out – but it’s out of loneliness rather than anything else.

Be well, happy and safe.

I love you forever – always your little girl (even at forty-eight?) – you’re always my superhero.

Happy Thanksgiving. Please take care of my Sunshine.

I know you live in my heart.

Always, your daughter

Always your heart



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