What is the point of me?  I have no clue.  I am so sick and tired of being treated as though I am a child or a servant.  Everyone has an opinion and yet nobody does anything but me.  I want to run as far away from this entire group (of course, taking my dog) and never ever look back.  

Doctor’s opinions.  

Family’s opinions.

Reminders that I have NO family.

A house that keeps getting further away from me; messier and messier.

Wearing the same clothing day after day.

Barely eating yet getting more plump and the doctors have no reason?  This is torture.  All of this is agony of the worst kind.  Listening to his slurred drunken speech and pretending that it does not effect me at all.  This is the perfect OUT.  I will take this Anemia, and bow out of the entire holiday – screw them all!

Nothing better than FOUR day with me and my dog.

Daddy, I miss you…


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