Welcome to Another Planet

I am in a new world where all of my personal information is common knowledge. In a land run by apes and monsters while the weak and the dogs cower in the corner.

If only I could cry.

This is my life and I’m along. He didn’t want to see the doctor with me.
His mother poured ice could water on his head.
Suddenly he desperately needed to be here with me.
They want to come.
They called over and over.
The wait at the Hemotologist is an hour already. So much waiting and useless information.

There is no point, can I cry? Can he prescribe a pill for years???

I go from room to room and do little to nothing except make lists of what needs to be done at home. SO MUCH.

It’s all mine to do and the reward is a long walk with my best friend, a few hours of quiet or possibly, crazily being held.


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