Sucker! NOT!!

While I continue to be a total doormat and sucker for the “usual suspects”; today I cut off the monster at its head.
This is a BIG MOMENT in the world of “Little Miss Please Everyone”.

My neighbor, and casual acquaintance – friend; certainly not a person I would call in an emergency. She is not a person who’s birthday I know (by the way, this is my crossing point for friendship, if I don’t know your birthday, I really don’t know you).

She and I have done the dog-walking thing and even the gym thing together once. Come to think of it, she never reimbursed me for the gym gloves…

But I digress.

Last night she texts me to see if I “want to go for a salon day” with her. Before I can respond, she inquires “what I am doing for the Thanksgiving holiday?”
I laughingly retort; “what do you need?”
To which she fills my screen up with “her need”. She would like me to dog-sit her very sweet but insanely hyperactive dog for NINE DAYS! Without a response, I panic and throw out: “we need a dry run because my dog may not do well with another dog in the house”. (This is my OUT!)

My best friend is mine. We lost his “brother” a year ago and nobody in my house – especially my husband is over the loss. I figure that maybe this could be a chance to see how my boy would react to a roommate.

In the back of my head there is a voice screaming NINE DAYS! When is her birthday? What is her home address? Obviously the SUCKER sign is glowing neon because I barely know this woman.

📢 I AM BEING USED BY A PRACTICAL STRANGER. SIRENS ARE BLASTING 📢EVERYWHERE!!! It is bad enough that I’ve allowed so many people in my life denigrate me and break me; I cannot allow this addition to the TRIBE!!

“Misses I Have Balls” drops her dog off at my house this morning at 10:00 am for a “dry run”. I am instructed that if her dog gets too hyper, that I should smack him on his snout-face. My reply, in horror, is “I am not hitting a dog.” Then she tells me that when at home, he remains IN HIS CRATE until his next walk. Again I reply; “I don’t put dogs in crates. I will leave it open if he wants to go in – but dogs don’t live in boxes at my house.” She rambles off a list of instructions and disappears.

For two and a half hours I walked (attempted) these two dogs. Mine was visibly annoyed while hers was having the time of his life! He’s a sweet dog, really, but there is NO WAY I am dealing with this for NINE DAYS! It is apparent that my dog is distressed and I will not have that because “Misses User Face” did not book a place for her pooch to stay in time for the holidays.


The 2014 Award for Saying NO is FINALLY awarded to ME!!

I text “Misses I Have a Big Car to Compensate for my Small in the Pants Husband”:
” There is NO way this is going to work out. My dog is too territorial at home and their personalities do NOT mesh. Please come pick up your dog because mine is in the house while I am sitting on the grass with yours. As I told you, I’ve got a 1:00 pm business call and cannot be late”.

At 12:57 pm she parks in the middle of the street, admits that she now has to “keep trying” to find a place to board her dog. I felt horrible, the dog just needs some training and love but she wants a baby; her husband bought her the beautiful puppy after her fourth round of in vitro failed. This is nature’s (or if you believe – than a higher power’s) way of saying “YOU SHOULD NOT BE A MOTHER.”

I haven’t heard from her since. A photo is all that remains of my MOMENT of strength.

Good luck little doggie.


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