Under My Skin

He has a way of getting under my skin like nobody else can.  The way he talks to me or the way he does just the tiniest bit to make it appear that he is helpful is impossible to deal with some days.  What goes on in my world is of no interest to him.  It is his world and I am just supposed to live in it.  I am sick and tired of living like this; it’s not fair and he makes me feel crazy. 

I am not crazy!  Angry, yes.  Stepped on, definitely.  But NOT crazy!

It is 2:00 in the morning and he and a friend are playing chess in the dining room.  The same room I cleaned because I am having friends over at 10:00 am.  I’ve yet to go downstairs and see what disaster he has left for me to clean up.  It is this lack of respect that drives me act irrational. 

Be a husband already!  Stop treating me like I am an employee because I am going to change this situation and terminate you if this continues.  Your family comes to our house for the taking and lies to my face.  

I need to back to work full-time but worry about my only love; my dog.  Who will walk him and care for him while I am at work since you don’t do either.  How could you put me in this situation?  How could you NOT acknowledge that today is the fifth anniversary of my father’s stroke?!  Give our money away, it grows on trees.  TAKE, TAKE, TAKE.  I want to scream and cry because I am alone in this life with my dog.  It is just the two of us, you stopped being connected years ago when you figured out how to get under my skin.  

And you’ve stayed under my skin, scratching at me and making me shake with fury, pain and hurt.  

How many times do I have to scream “IT’S NOT FAIR”?

How many days does the sun rise?

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