Their Masks Fall Off

Their masks have fallen off and I am finally able to see who is beneath the clown-faced smiles. This is partially my fault because I chose to believe their lies, I fantasized about the perfect family. There is nothing that I would not do for them; in return there was nothing that they did not take.

I must be blind or a terrible judge of character because I fell for their lies so easily. I’m gone from feeling sorry for myself to being ANGRY with them! How care they pretend to be family while in reality they are parasites?!

Not one of them, including the parents will stand up for me; yet their hands are always wide open and waiting. They stand in judgment of everyone while they are cruel monsters wearing pretty clothes.

I want to disown them all; scream at them: “Screw you, all you do is lie and take!” I wear my passive-aggressive persona and feel pain deeper than they will ever know.

This week I will complete my last “project” for them and then I MUST escape from their talons!!

Me and my dog.


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