I hereby tender my resignation from your family.  

While you are my husband and will always continue to be, it is not healthy for me to interact with your siblings.  Your parents are very kind people and I will do what I can for them until I can no longer deal with the remainder of your family.  I am not a difficult person, a narcissist or an instigator; I am also not a doormat or the concierge.  

I prefer my biological family of ZERO than yours of rude, selfish and entitled children, all over the age of 40.  

There is a point where I am my own person, there is a point in time where every person MUST say: ENOUGH!  I have spent my entire life swallowing (both figuratively and literally) my feelings and allowing others to do as they please.  No more.

I resign from being the one that everyone comes to for what they want, the one that is “counted on” and the one that ends up with coal in their stocking.  My dear husband, you cannot see who they are because you are too close and perhaps too much like them.  Rather than have the situation get any worse, I quit.  


All of you who I have allowed to take full advantage of me for more years than I can count are on your own!  I was taught from a young age to “please”; well it is time for you to go and figure things out on your own.  I am going to “please” myself, my husband, my dog and my family (the friends that I have built into a family) – the rest of you can go screw yourselves!! 

You are back stabbing liars whose social climbing is weak at best.  ALL of you are fake and I was a fool to think differently.  Well, I am a fool no more.  One would think that after practically being murdered by my step-mother, my biological mother and a host of others that I would learn.  It is late, but I have learned.  Learned the hard way but learned.

Watch out because my gloves are off and I am no longer going to be the one who you can walk on, talk about and take from.  

I resign!


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