Who Turned Out The Lights?

For just one moment there was sunlight shining through the windows again. I should have known better than to have expected it to remain.

Drowning in my own darkness, I wonder why my parents never taught me how to swim. It wasn’t up to them to protect me, “be strong like me, figure it out”!
The black hole has no end. Clawing, screaming and crying do nothing to change my circumstances.

Gone is gone.
You cannot resurrect and change what has past; even if you were to set up the exact same scenario,
Gone is gone.

I don’t speak of the clouds which are descending upon me; besides there is nobody to tell. I’m going t to wait it out and see if I am crushed or survive. I still am unsure if there is s difference.

Sleep begs me to come back but I fear never waking. The monsters who wait patiently for me to return to bed are everywhere. I can smell then long before they appear in my vision, ready to steal me away.


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