The Truth – I am a Rock

Day 1:

So what if I don’t sleep, eat or shower; nobody even notices except me. The collective “They” would only notice any change in me IF their needs stopped being met. Otherwise, I am an island.

More music that speaks to my soul and screams from my childhood (introduced to me by my father as a child of 9), repeated in my teens and throughout my life: I AM A ROCK.

To this day, Paul Simon and Art Garfunckle still speak to every part of this adult child; especially while in a full room of empty of “family”.

The sang to my artists soul; trapped in a world I cannot and do not want understand.

The Lyrics: (follow link)

I am in this world alone with the exception of my dog. I’ve nobody to call for help, nobody to rely upon – I am a Rock – literally.

The irony is in the subtle lie in the lyrics:
“A Rock feels no pain; And an Island never cries”

Our pain is real as are our tears, we choose to keep all of those emotions hidden for fear of needing somebody.

• Rocks may once have been mighty boulders which have been eroded by man and time.
• Or stolen from their home town, put in a child’s pocket and taken away without opinion or input. The rock is brought elsewhere and eventually forgotten about for decades it falls out of an old pair of pants – almost thrown away or given to charity.

I am out in the world on my own.

My envy is palatable when my good friend talks about his “Pops” (his father). I can pretend that I am brave because I am resourceful; not today.

Today I am broken, worn out and painfully exhausted.

Please just some rest.



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